What We Do

What We Do

“Good Stewards of the Environment” Science Program
The “Good Stewards of the Environment” Program was created in 2008 thanks to a grant from the Burrough Wellcome Fund. The program aligns with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study in grades 6th – 9th. It is an extracurricular program designed to pique the interest of Hispanic students in order for them to pursue science as a career.  Students learn the process of scientific investigation through research, experimentation and discussion of the current environmental concerns for our water, soil and our atmosphere.  Each year, the NCSHP chooses 30 different students to participate in the program with no cost to the student. This grant allows the NCSHP to expand their educational support to Hispanic students in Wake, Durham, Orange, Johnston, and Chatham counties.

¡Gradúate! Program
The Gradúate Program is a comprehensive bicultural and bilingual dropout prevention program that targets Latino high school students. The program has two main components: 1) Student school services (including an after-school program); and 2) Parental involvement. The program goals are to 1) Improve students’ high school attendance; 2) Enhance participants’ academic achievement; 3) Ensure participants’ graduation from high school; and 4) Promote family involvement in the participating students’ educational goals and endeavors.

Hispanic Educational Summit
The goal of the NCSHP’s summit initiative is to serve as an educational outreach program to encourage 7th – 12th grade Hispanic students to stay in school, earn good grades and continue with their education. The Summit features renowned keynote speakers and more than 30 concurrent sessions by Hispanic and non-Hispanic professionals covering a wide variety of disciplines—including education planning, career planning, and life skills. Also, more than 40 educational exhibits by community colleges, universities, and educational institutions are presented throughout the day.

Stay in School Campaign
The goal of the Stay in School campaign is to raise awareness among youth and their parents of the low graduation rate among Hispanic youth in North Carolina and inform students and their parents about the benefits of staying in school, finishing high school, and continuing with their education.IMG_2240

The Stay in School campaign runs during the school year and heavily during the Hispanic Heritage month (September 15 – October 15) and is covered in certain areas of the state by local newspapers in Spanish, local Hispanic radio stations, and local TV Hispanic stations.  Stay in School Campaign posters are distributed to middle and high school students, and Stay in School handbooks explaining the importance of education have been made available to selected public schools.

Stay in School Campaign PSA Video Contest
The Stay in School Video Contest is the first initiative of its kind which directly involves students in the process of creating public service messages that impact their entire generation. The main theme of the Stay in School PSA Video Contest is to stay in school and graduate from high school.  Videos should include themes such as academic success, careers, perseverance, the rewards of education, and the benefits of high school graduation, among many others.  Students who produce(s) the top 3 videos are awarded with cash prizes. In addition to receiving a prize, the top video/announcement winner earns the opportunity to take part in making a public service announcement based on their own video version which is aired on the Hispanic TV Station Univision 40.

Pilot Mentoring-Tutoring Program
As a vital part of our mission of promoting education, NCSHP offers mentors and / or tutors to Hispanic youth in the Triangle area (Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties).  It has been proven by many studies, how valuable the one-on-one relationship with an elder that is not a parent can be for a child. Mentoring and tutoring are necessary in promoting educational success. With five out of ten Hispanic youth dropping out of school, NCSHP recognizes the immediate need for these students to have positive role models that will motivate them to succeed both in education and in life.DSC_6542

The main goals of the program are to 1) Promote academic achievement by helping students stay in school through high school graduation and encouraging them to pursue higher education; 2) Support each student’s acculturation process to the United States; and 3) Provide both social and cultural enrichment activities that both broaden the student’s worldview and give them more depth of experience in areas of strength or particular interest.

Inspirational Speakers Initiative
NCSHP has created a group of inspirational speakers within its membership to encourage Hispanic students to reach their maximum potential in their studies while advising them to stay in school, and continue with their education.  The group acts as a self-esteem enhancement program in which NCSHP members and other non-Hispanic professionals give guidance, motivation and encouragement to Hispanic youth, both in English and Spanish, to excel in education.

Hispanic Achievement Conference and Student Achievement Workshop Series for Teachers and School Administrators
The objectives of the Hispanic Achievement Conference and Student Achievement Workshop Series are to: 1) Empower educational leaders and teachers with a better knowledge of the Hispanic student population and the factors that interfere with their educational performance; 2) Learn methods and practices that help Hispanic students overcome barriers to academic success and promote their involvement in school life; and 3) Listen to successful practitioners share their experience and expertise in ESL programs, self-esteem development, parental involvement, and linguistically/diverse populations as a positive resource.

NC Hispanic College FundiStock_000003299207Medium
The NC Hispanic College Fund is a charitable fund established by the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals at Triangle Community Foundation to benefit Hispanic students in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Hispanic College Fund awards annual college scholarships worth between $500 and $3,000.  Scholarship recipients are recent graduates of North Carolina high schools who are of Hispanic/Latino background.  Recipients of a NC Hispanic College Fund scholarship must enroll in a degree program at a community college or a 2- or 4-year college/university and be committed to public service and community development.  Applications are due by January 15th of every year.

NCSHP proudly participates in the advocacy of all causes that benefit Hispanic students’ at all scholastic levels.  NCSHP has lobbied the North Carolina General Assembly to advocate for access to higher education on behalf of Hispanic immigrant students since the first time legislation for in-state tuition for undocumented students was introduced. NCSHP has also participated as an advocate for the DREAM Act since its introduction.

NCSHP represents the interests of all Hispanic students of North Carolina at local and state educational institutions in all aspects regarding their education.