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Become a Member. Promote Latino Education. Shape the Future. 

The NCSHP programs exist because of you! Our membership donations, volunteer hours, and passion have created a nonprofit that has been able to promote Hispanic Education for 18 years! Be a part of a growing network of Hispanic professionals in the state of North Carolina who share a belief in Education!  As an NCSHP member, you have the opportunity to: invest in our youth and give them opportunities to succeed; connect with other NCSHP members, and become aware of community opportunities.

1,000 STRONG!

By our 20th Anniversary (2019) #QueremosSerMIL, we want to be thousand committed and engaged members standing for Hispanic education. Our members serve an essential role as advocates for our mission, while significantly improving the lives of students in North Carolina.  Your membership matters! JOIN US thumb_IMG_6754_1024 - Copy (2)TODAY! 

Who We Are:

A professional membership with a greater mission, supporting Hispanic students in their academic pursuits and enabling them to achieve their dreams! 

Membership Benefits:

  • ​Connect with a network of professionals that share your passion!
  • Deepen existing business relationships and make new contactson a regular basis at quarterly membership meetings.
  • Advance your Career and Build Your Resume at Professional Development Meetings
  • Promote your business, organization & internships
  • Stay informed with Promoviendo Juntos News Quarterly Newsletter
  • Receive Special Offers from the Society’s Sponsors

Membership Types:

  • $10.00 Donation – Student Membership. Our student membership is open to anyone currently attending a secondary or post-secondary institution. This annual membership runs from July 1st to June 30th.
  • $45 – $99 Donation – Professional Membership. Our professional members believe that an investment in Hispanic education is an investment in the development of our State! This annual membership runs from July 1st to June 30th.
  • $100 – $499 Donation – Sustaining Membership. Our sustaining members are individuals who want to go over and above in supporting the NCSHP’s educational programs. This annual membership runs from July 1st to June 30th.
  • +$500 Donation – Lifetime Membership. Our lifetime members never need to renew their membership with the NCSHP. They are our most dedicated supporters and make tremendous impact in the lives of students. Many of our lifetime members also continue to support the NCSHP through donations to programs/events and are actively involved in with the Society.

“100 Group” Membership:

“The 100 Group” is a selected group of 100 passionate, generous and influential individuals that serve as monumental advocates for Hispanic education. With their commitment of donating $150.00 annually, “The 100 Group” members support the sustainability of our educational programs and activities. The “100 Group” is by invitation only. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this elite group, please contact Neyra Toledo at

NCSHP 2017  “The 100 Group” Members:

  • IMG_2321 - CopyAlbert Diaz
  • Antonio Gutierrez
  • Antonio Vela
  • Cintia Aguilar
  • Conchita Jiménez
  • Constanza Gómez-Joines
  • Cristina Lincoln
  • David Lincoln
  • Glenda Bowman
  • Hilton Cancel
  • Irene González
  • Jackie Metivier
  • Jairo Najera
  • Jonathan Bowman
  • Jorge Ramos
  • Jorgelina Araneda 
  • Krista Perreira
  • Lorena Patterson
  • Luis Olivieri-Robert
  • Marcio Moreno
  • Marco Aleman
  • Marco Zárate
  • MariaRosa Rangel
  • Marisol Silva
  • Miguel Nunez-Wolff
  • Norma Quiñones
  • Roberto Nunez
  • Susan Zárate
  • Tomas Moreno
  • Yasmin Wurts Metivier
  • Yesenia Polanco-Galdamez

NCSHP derives its financial support from grants, corporate sponsorships, contributions, donations, and membership dues. Your membership dues go entirely to supporting NCSHP programs. That means, your donations go directly to supporting Hispanic youth. The Society is able to change the lives of thousands of North Carolina’s Hispanic youth through the generous support of donors like you. All membership dues and donations are tax deductible.


INSPIRE students to stay in school, ENGAGE Hispanic families in the education of their children and MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE by helping students graduate and go to College!

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