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NCSHP’s programs serve as the backbone of our organization and the vehicle to deliver our mission of promoting education of Hispanic youth at all scholastic levels.

Each program promotes education in a unique way.  We not only aim to reach Hispanic students to keep them in school and seeking higher education, we aim to reach all stakeholders in a Hispanic student’s education including; parents, educators, law-makers and community leaders. 

“I began attending the Summit when I was in 7th grade until my senior year. Every year there was something special that I took home that motivated me to continue my education.  Thank you for everything that you do!  I hope to someday be able to contribute to my community the way NCSHP has contributed.  Thank you!  -Georgina Uresti                                                                                               

If it wasn’t for this scholarship there is a chance I wouldn’t have returned to college. I would like to thank NCSHP for allowing me to continue pursuing my dream. Having receidaisy-almonte-photoved this award also gives other Hispanics in my community the hope of one day going to college. Thank you again.” -Zayra Jazmin Mendez

“All throughout this year the ¡Gradúate! program has helped me to see how important school is. Now I see that having an education is the most important thing that one can have.” – Ana Corona

“Finding out about the NC Hispanic College Fund not only meant an opportunity for me to receive financial aid, it meant realizing that there was an organization dedicated to helping people like me achieve their goals.  For me, receiving this scholarship signified not only monetary support but also further incentive to remain persistent in my goals.” – Daisy Almonte, NC Hispanic College Fund Recipient


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