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¡Gradúate! Program

Helping students attain academic success, graduate high school and become the leaders of tomorrow.

​​The ultimate goal of the ¡Gradúate! Program is to develop Hispanic students into tomorrow’s ​professional ​leaders. The future of Hispanics in North Carolina depends on the level of education of education our youth achieve. For this reason, the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals (NCSHP), in partnership with Wake Co. Public School System​ under a service agreement, are proud to present ¡Gradúate! an educational program for Hispanic students and their families. ¡Gradúate!  Is a program designed to help Hispanic students attain academic successgraduate from high school, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

​ Designed for Hispanic high school students in grades 9-12, the ¡Gradúate! Program is the only bi-cultural, bi-lingual, dropout prevention program.  It is currently reaches more than 90 students per academic year in Cary HS, Millbrook HS and Southeast Raleigh HS.  

​​Our program uses an integrated approach to student success by providing guidance and support throughout the school day via onsite coaches, after school activities like tutoring and life skills, one-on-one coaching meetings and  lessons and workshops for parent​s.

ONE ON ONE COACHING: ​Our team works with students to support, guide, and motivate ​students during school hours​ and pursue academic and personal goals.  ​

AFTER-SCHOOL SERVICES:  We also provide weekly tutoring and life skills lessons to support students in conquering academic success and ​​developing necessary skills to manage everyday life and transition into college/job readiness.

FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: ​Through family workshops​ offered by the Wake County Parent Academy​, parents learn how to navigate the school system, communicate with administration and teachers, and understand testing and other requirements for college. These workshops reinforce the importance of education being a family goal. The several elements of the program combine to give families the support and guidance they need to help their students graduate from high school and pursue higher education.

​​Our Story

In 2011 the ¡Gradúate! Program was implemented in Alamance County with the support of a grant from the NC Committee on Dropout Prevention provided by the North Carolina Legislature and administered by the NC Department of Public Instruction.

​  Our one of a kind curriculum was developed in collaboration with NC State’s Juntos Program and the program also received the support of Hispanics in Philanthropy.  ​

​ The ¡Gradúate! Program during the school years 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 was brought to Wake County, supported by funding from the Lumina Foundation through the Triangle for Latino Student Success initiative and with the support of Millbrook and Cary High Schools.

In 2015, the ¡Gradúate! Program expanded to Southeast Raleigh High School. Today, the program serves in three schools through a service agreement between Wake County Public School and the NCSHP. The program has seen great success with students in the program. Many in the program have increased their GPA’s, passed more classes, improved their school attendance and graduated from high school.

End of Year Report: 2018-2019


You Can Help

Students with gray shirts on¡Gradúate! Is looking for volunteers to help with tutoring, life skills lessons. For more information, please visit our program webiste: or contact us! ​This is a great opportunity for anyone with interest in education, advocacy, nonprofit work, the Spanish language of Teach for America after college. Preferred volunteers will have at least basic Spanish skills, reliable transportation and be willing to commit to a regular schedule of at least one day per week.​

Thank You!

IMG_20190506_101817Thank you to the Michael and Karen Schley Foundation for donating 21 computers. These computers will support the students apart of our Graduate Program. Some of the computers will be given to students at the end of the school year. The other computers will be used during the program. The remaining will be loaned out to the students for they can reach their educational goals.



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