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Hispanic Educational Summit

Hispanic Educational Summit

2020 Summit: Friday, March 27, 2020

The Hispanic Educational Summit is an initiative of the NCSHP to promote and disseminate information on the benefits of formal and higher education among the Hispanic youth of North Carolina.

IMG_2334 - CopyThere is a vital need to encourage Hispanic students to stay in school, excel in their studies and pursue higher education. The Summit has been planned, in part, to fulfill this need. As you know, educated Latino youth, who become acculturated role models, are a tremendous investment in North Carolina’s future. 

Our Summit is the largest educational conference in North Carolina for middle and high school Hispanic students. Over 14,000 students from schools in over 40 counties throughout North Carolina have participated in our annual summit initiative since 2000. The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute’s study “The New Latino South and the Challenge to Public Education” by Andrea Wainer highlights our summit initiative as: “Especially noteworthy is the NCSHP which organizes an annual statewide Hispanic educational summit“. 


2020 Hispanic Educational Summit
Friday, March 27, 2020
North Carolina State University – McKimmon Center

8:00 – 9:45 AM    Opening Ceremony – Welcome & Keynote Lecture
9:50 – 10:30 AM   Presentation/Workshop I
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 11th-12th graders
10:40 – 11:20 AM  Presentation/Workshop II
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 9th- 10th graders
11:30 – 12:15 PM  Lunch
12:25 – 1:05 PM  Presentation/Workshop III
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 7th- 8th graders
1:10 – 2:30 PM    Closing Ceremony

Conferencia educativa para jóvenes hispanos from Rosa Lente Productions on Vimeo.


  • IMG_2330 - CopyTo serve as an outreach program to promote education among 7th – 12th-grade Hispanic students utilizing workshops and presentations.
  • To motivate Hispanic students to excel at the highest potential in their studies through motivational talks by speakers who have achieved success in their professional careers.
  • To offer Hispanic students tips and information to acquire skills and develop strategies to improve their academic achievements.
  • To inform Hispanic students on educational opportunities and school programs in various community colleges and universities.


Each year, the Summit features workshops and presentations on a variety of topics relevant to Hispanic students including:

* Life Skills                           
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body; Self-Esteem; Pregnancy Prevention and More!

* Career Planning
Science and Computers; Engineering; Health Careers; Real Estate; Media Communications; Accounting, Finance, and Banking; Bilingual Skills and More!

* Education Planning  
Graduation Requirements; Study Skills; School Resources; SAT Preparation and More!


The Summit also features an exhibit hall, it attracts over 40 exhibitors each year. Exhibits representing a variety of schools, businesses, and organizations, are displayed to help students become aware of the educational, program and career opportunities available to them and give them resources. Exhibits can include:

Information on Academic Programs & Services; Community Colleges; Universities and Colleges; Educational Institutions; U.S. Armed Forces; Museums; Businesses; After School Programs and More!


 For a full recap of the 2019 Summit, check out the 2019 SUMMIT Commentary

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2019 Hispanic Educational Summit
Friday, March 29, 2019
North Carolina State University – McKimmon Center

8:00 – 9:45 AM    Opening Ceremony – Welcome & Keynote LectureIMG_4671
9:50 – 10:30 AM   Presentation/Workshop I
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 11th-12th graders
10:40 – 11:20 AM  Presentation/Workshop II
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 9th- 10th graders
11:30 – 12:15 PM  Lunch
12:25 – 1:05 PM  Presentation/Workshop III
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 7th- 8th graders
1:10 – 2:30 PM    Closing Ceremony


IMG_2653 - Copy  IMG_2596 - Copy - Copy

At each year’s Summit, we will ask ALL students and participants to help us raise money for the Students Helping Students Go to College” Fund. This Scholarship, established by the NC Hispanic College Fund, empowers students to contribute to and support the education of their peers. This year, students generously donated over $750 for NC Hispanic College fund! Our goal is to reach $1,000 this year!



GABE SALAZAR: Born on Accident, Living on Purpose

Motivational Youth Speaker Gabe Salazar overcame obstacles of poverty, gang influence, and hopelessness and is now a successful entrepreneur. He’s a highly sought-after speaker who has been inspiring teens, families, teachers, and administrators with a message of hope and dreaming big for more than 15 years.

After being mentored by his high school principal, Gabe was rescued from gang influence and became the first in his family to go to college. From 1996 to 2001, he attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie, TX and pursued a degree in Professional Development with a specialization in Theology.

He began his career as inclusion specialist for special education and behavioral students at a middle school in San Antonio, TX. Today, he’s a professional speaker who travels all over the world to schools, teen conferences, churches and camps. He speaks at more than 160 teen events a year.
Gabe has spoken to millions of teens throughout his career. He’s even recognized as America’s #1 Latino Youth Speaker by Popular Hispanics Magazine. Gabe’s message challenges teenagers and encourages them to make positive choices in their lives. He uses comedy and his gift of story-telling to convey his message and motivate his audience to action.

Gabe lives in Dallas, TX with his wife, Nancy and four children.

DEBORAH DERAS: The Power is Within YOU!!!

IMG_0084Deborah Deras is known as one of the top Latina Peak Performance Speakers in the nation. She has been a keynote speaker for over 17 years for, Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, J.P. Morgan, Macy’s, British Petroleum Oil, State Farm, Kaiser Permanente, New York Life Insurance and General Electric and countless Colleges and Latino Organizations.

In 2012, she served as a spokesperson for Verizon Wireless, Empowerment through Technology in which she empowered Hispanic Entrepreneurs to learn about technology. She shared the stage with actress and activist, Eva Longoria.

Deborah has a Masters Degree in Education and Bachelors in Marketing. She was a professor in Human Services at the University of Phoenix for over 16 years. Deborah is also an author of a book, Confessions of An Adrenaline Addict.

In 2019, she received the Women of Influence award. She has received the coveted Latina Style Latina of Influence award in 2018. Hispanic Lifestyle Magazine named her Women of Influence and featured her on the cover of the magazine in 2017. She also received awards and nominations from the Latin Business Association and National Latina Business Women’s Association.

She was a contributing expert for Latina Magazine and also Catalina and Immigrant Magazine for empowerment for Latinas.

Her greatest joy is to empower Latino youth to know that they can achieve any goal they desire as long as they believe in themselves.


Click HERE to view the schedule


“Click Connect to College and Careers!” – Juana Hernández-Urquiza, College Foundation of North Carolina

  • Students will learn about the free resources available on to help them plan, apply, pay for college.
  • Students will learn how to navigate to explore colleges and universities in North Carolina and learn about the different higher education options.
  • Students will learn about different resources available for Daca/Undocumented students as they prepare for college and a career

“Design Your World: Become a Landscape Architect” – Rodney Swink, & Fernando Magallanes, NCSU College of Design
Students will be introduced to the topic of designed environments and the impact Landscape Architecture is having on where people live, recreate, and work.  For most Hispanics, this has not been a career to consider.  We want to introduce and give guidance to what this opportune career may yield for young Hispanics.

“Goodnight Scholars Student Panel: Majoring in STEM”Alisson Medlin, NC State University
Current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students at NC State will discuss life as a STEM major and how students can: -Prepare to major in STEM while in high school -Choose a STEM major and career pathway -Succeed in STEM classes – Enhance their college experience through internships, co-op, and research.

Immigration Options in a Shifting Landscape” – Jenny Doyle, ESQ Immigration Counsel
Students will be informed of various legal immigration options available to them, the implications of Executive Orders on immigration, and they will learn about their rights in the context of immigration.

“Be a part of the next generation of STEM professionals! Check out TuPortalSTEM!” – Juan Pablo Vivanco & NCSHP College Students STEM Promoters, NCSHP 
Inform students about new STEM resources at NCSHP including TuPortalSTEM, STEM Hotline, career examples, brochures, etc.

“The Power of Bilingualism in School and at Work” – Gerardo Santoyo, Maracas Montessori                   Motivate students to strengthen their bilingual skills to increase opportunities for a better job and enhance their academic performance.

“Careers in the Arts You Never Knew You’d Love”- Francesca Perez Evans & Jen Haft, NC Department of Natural & Cultural Resources
Provide introductory information about art-related careers, specifically library and archives; will answer questions from students and chaperones about career planning and college/training choices.

“Exploring Careers in Math and Science: Your Future” – Maria Hernandez, The NC School of Science and Mathematics
Students will have the opportunity to do a hands-on activity. NC School of Science and Mathematics students will speak about their experience at the school and their future career interests in the math and science fields.

“College 101 – Pathway to a College Education”- Jose Eric Garcia, Bryant University 
Give students a roadmap/guidelines through the college admissions process for any type of college.

“YOU have what it takes to succeed in College!”- Diana Urieta & Illiana Santillan, JUNTOS
College students will speak about their transition from High School to College. Learn skills and tools to help you advocate for yourself in order to achieve academic success in your school and beyond.

“Did You Know You Can Get Your Associates Degree in High School? What’s Up With That? – Cynthia Martinez & Diana Sanchez
Will provide students with guidelines on how to take classes for college credit, potentially get an Associate’s Degree while in high school and let them know the advantages for their GPA.

“How to Finance Your College Education” – Veronica Gonzales & Claudia Alzate, Wellsfargo/ Latin Connection 
Explore ways to help pay for college education and provide students with savings and budgeting techniques.

“Educational opportunities at Community College, Private College, and Public University” Melissa Betancur, Viviana Reyna, Débora Maldonado-DeOliveira  

“Pathways to Law School” -Jaquelinne Murillo Figueroa, Campbell Law School Connection
This workshop offers students a road-map for getting into law school.

“Fun Science Careers in the Natural World!”- Gabriella Hogue, Hugo Sanchez, & Martha Fisk
To provide introductory information about natural science and STEM-related careers including the ones at the NC Museum of Natural Science; answer questions about career planning and college training choices.

“NC Promise Tuition Plan: Making Education Affordable”- Elizabeth Hunter & Ricardo Nazario- Colón
To inform students about the benefits of attending one of North Carolina’s NC Promise campuses and what these institutions have to offer.

“Healthcare: So Much More than Doctors and Nurses!”- Annie Brito
Students will learn to recognize the value of a healthcare-based education, they will learn about multiple non-frontline healthcare career options and will be able to summarize the benefits of a healthcare career.

“The World of Dentistry”- Carolina Vera Resendiz,  University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Brief introduction of the areas that involve the career of dentistry.

“How to Ruin Your Life Online”- Eric Chancy, Wake County Public Schools System
This session will explore how social media impacts several aspects of a student’s lives.

“Take Control: Discover the Champion within You!” – Nora Herrera-Olivieri, UNC
Nora invites students to discover their abilities and talents, to find mentors and to see challenges as opportunities to grow and be better, every day in everything that is learned.

Sustainable Latinx Leadership: Starting with Self-Care”- Edelmira Segovia, UNC Wilmington – Centro Hispano
This workshop encourages students to see themselves as potential leaders at any stage of their academic development. Students will learn to practice lifelong leadership development based on personality assessment, to develop cultural identity and long term goals, and to adopt self-care habits that will assure sustainability of their roles as leaders.

“Think Outside the Box: The Career You Select Can Help a Greener Future!”- Aditi Chakravarty & Tira Beckham, N.C Division of Air Quality
The presentation teaches students how to be good environmental stewards and how to become advocates to help resolve pressing environmental problems through their career path. In addition, students will learn about air quality in our state and how to prepare to be competitive in a career that specializes in solving environmental issues.

“How to become a Physician Assistant”-Schuyler Behnke & Hien Behnke, Brick City Primary Care & Duke Urgent Care
Students will learn how the Physician Assistant profession fits into the Healthcare field and how to tailor their education to be competitive a competitive PA school applicant.

STEM Panel: “Careers of the future!” – Carlos Santana, Frances Lee, Juan Ramos & Marcelo Tellez Anderson,  BASF, Biogen, Cisco Systems & IBM
Students will hear from STEM professionals about their own professional experiences and journey, as Hispanics in STEM. Students will explore the new trends in recruitment for each company and the type of careers that are booming in their field/industry. Inspire students to prepare for these STEM jobs since an early age and have the goal to enter into these fields.

“Sustainable Agriculture as a Career Path for Hispanic Youth” – Dr. Michelle Schroeder – Moreno & Dr. Angel Cruz, North Carolina State University
Students will increase their understanding of sustainable agriculture.  They will also learn about potential career paths and why more Hispanics are needed in the field.

“Construction Equipment Systems Technology AAS” Julio Islas Ramirez, Wake Technical Community College
Inform students of the high demand for construction equipment technicians and how diesel engines contribute to our everyday life.

“Plan Your Future: Alternatives for the Transition After High School”- Carlos Cotto, Lenoir Community College
This workshop offers student information about how obtaining technical skills may enable them to be more competitive. A higher paying job right after high school may enable them financially to fulfill their educational dreams. 

“Professional Careers in the Construction Industry” – Missy Warren, Kendall Pena, Daniel Bridges & Shawnak Doshi, Brasfield & Gorrie
Students will learn the many career opportunities available in the construction industry.

2019 Summit Co-Hosts

Summit Co-Host

2019 Summit Exhibitors (as of Mar 13, 2019)

Appalachian State University NC Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources Latino Outreach Committee NC State – College of Engineering
BASF NC Division of Air Quality NC State – Goodnight Scholars Program
Better Business Bureau (BBB) NC Division of Services for the Blind NC State Minority Engineering Programs (MEP)
Biogen NC School of Science and Mathematics UNC Asheville
Brasfield & Gorrie NC Science Festival UNC Greensboro
Bryant University NC State Parks UNC Wilmington – Centro Hispano
Central Carolina Community College North Carolina Central University Univision 40 North Carolina
College Foundation of North Carolina NC Central University – School of Law Wake AHEC – Health Careers
Consulate General of Mexico North Carolina Museum of Art Wake Med
El Refugio / The Refuge NCCU – BRITE Wake Technical Community College
Food Lion NC Society of Hispanic Professionals Wake Tech Community College – Continuing Education
Johnston Community College NC State University – Admissions Wells Fargo
Meredith College NC State University – College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Western Carolina University
Morehead Planetarium & Science Center NC State – College of Education

 SPONSORS (as of Mar 13, 2019)

Summit Sponsors and Funder


The McKimmon Center
North Carolina State University
1101 Gorman St., Raleigh, NC 27606



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 For a full recap of the 2018 Summit, check out the 2018 SUMMIT Commentary.

In the News: IMG_2249

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