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Hispanic Educational Summit

2020 Hispanic Educational Summit




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 Cary, NC, March 12, 2020 – The North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals’ (NCSHP) Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2020 Hispanic Educational Summit scheduled for March 27, 2020 at NC State University, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the state of North Carolina and in the country. The NCSHP made this decision after thoughtfully considering Governor Roy Cooper’s State of Emergency for North Carolina and NC State University guidelines and recommendations related to COVID-19, as well as the decision of many school systems across North Carolina canceling all school students’ field trips.

“This was a hard decision to make since for many months a lot of planning and preparation had been going on for the Summit. This is the first time in 21 years that we are forced to cancel the Hispanic Educational Summit. However, we must take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of exposure and transmission of COVID-19. We are looking forward to having a successful Summit next year,” said Marco Zarate, NCSHP President, and Co-founder.

The NCSHP thanks all participants and supporters of our Hispanic Educational Summit for your understanding. The health and safety of our students and all Summit participants is of great concern for our non-profit organization.

Our 21st Hispanic Educational Summit expected over 650 Hispanic students from over 28 counties across the state. The event encourages Hispanic students to stay in school, excel in their studies and pursue higher education. Our Summit is the largest educational conference in North Carolina for middle and high school Hispanic students. Since 2000, over 14,650 students from schools in over 40 counties throughout North Carolina have participated in our annual summit initiative.

Since 1999, the NCSHP has provided educational services such as scholarships, mentors and tutors, educational conferences and other programs to help keep Latino youth in school and guide them on to a pathway to college.  The NCSHP is a statewide 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose only mission is to promote education among Hispanic youth.    



The Hispanic Educational Summit is an initiative of the NCSHP to promote and disseminate information on the benefits of formal and higher education among the Hispanic youth of North Carolina.

IMG_2334 - CopyThere is a vital need to encourage Hispanic students to stay in school, excel in their studies and pursue higher education. The Summit has been planned, in part, to fulfill this need. As you know, educated Latino youth, who become acculturated role models, are a tremendous investment in North Carolina’s future. 

Our Summit is the largest educational conference in North Carolina for middle and high school Hispanic students. Over 14,000 students from schools in over 40 counties throughout North Carolina have participated in our annual summit initiative since 2000. The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute’s study “The New Latino South and the Challenge to Public Education” by Andrea Wainer highlights our summit initiative as: “Especially noteworthy is the NCSHP which organizes an annual statewide Hispanic educational summit“. 


  • IMG_2330 - CopyTo serve as an outreach program to promote education among 7th – 12th-grade Hispanic students utilizing workshops and presentations.
  • To motivate Hispanic students to excel at the highest potential in their studies through motivational talks by speakers who have achieved success in their professional careers.
  • To offer Hispanic students tips and information to acquire skills and develop strategies to improve their academic achievements.
  • To inform Hispanic students on educational opportunities and school programs in various community colleges and universities.


2020 Hispanic Educational Summit
Friday, March 27, 2020
North Carolina State University – McKimmon Center

8:00 – 9:45 AM    Opening Ceremony – Welcome & Keynote Lecture
9:50 – 10:30 AM   Presentation/Workshop I
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 11th-12th graders
10:40 – 11:20 AM  Presentation/Workshop II
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 9th- 10th graders
11:30 – 12:15 PM  Lunch
12:25 – 1:05 PM  Presentation/Workshop III
(Concurrent Sessions)
Exhibit Hall Visit by 7th- 8th graders
1:10 – 2:30 PM    Closing Ceremony




At each year’s Summit, we will ask ALL students and participants to help us raise money for the “Students Helping Students Go to College” Fund. This Scholarship, established by the NC Hispanic College Fund, empowers students to contribute to and support the education of their peers. Last year, middle school and high school students generously donated $925 for the NC Hispanic College fund!


OVI VASQUEZ:  The Leader in You

Ovidilio Vasquez went from wielding a machete in the sugarcane fields of Central America at the tender age of 14 to being accepted to Harvard Business School Online. His story is unique and is the epitome of the American dream. He is a National Keynote Speaker, the author of six books, including a #1 National Bestseller. He is a TEDx Speaker on the subject of leadership and works as a Univision On-air collaborator, where he focuses on sharing free higher-education programs for the community. Ovi has worked for global corporations like; Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, General Motors, and Uber, paving the way for young professionals also to see themselves starting their careers at global corporations —as he did. Ovi is a role model for first-generation college students. Through his engaging approach on the stage, he educates and connects with students and those who work with them by sharing his story and little known insights on how they can succeed in college and life. Through social media, Ovi has helped thousands of students nationwide by sharing over 1.5 million dollars in scholarships for minority students. He emerges today nationwide as one of the most sought-after bilingual youth leadership speakers of our time.

But his crowning glory is that through his heart for youth, he was driven to high content motivational speaking and creating Leadership Experts Int’l, LLC., an enterprise focused on youth leadership development. Ovi gets invited nationwide to share his expertise on: How to start your career at a global company. How to be a leader. How to help first-generation college students brand themselves for career success.


Pearl Arredondo was part of a teacher-led team that founded San Fernando Institute for Applied Media (SFiAM), the first pilot middle school established in the Los Angeles Unified School District. She taught for 10 years before becoming the instructional specialist and now principal of SFiAM. Pearl is passionate about increasing student access to technology and closing the digital divide. She was featured on TED Talks Education and is a frequent speaker and panelist related to those key issues. She was also featured in People Magazine’s My American Dream: Great Success Against All Odds campaign sponsored by Milk Life. As a Teach Plus Policy Fellow, she met with President Obama’s senior advisors to discuss teacher tenure and elevating the teaching profession. As part of Educators for Excellence, she helped write a series of recommendations entitled Reimaging Tenure: Protecting Our Students and Our Profession. In 2014, she received the “Inspirational Teacher Award” from United Way of Greater Los Angeles, was named California Woman of the Year from California Assembly District 39, and was honored at the Ford Theatre’s Annual Gala for being an inspirational teacher. Pearl is a tireless advocate for public education and technology-based curriculum. She is also a role model for young Latinas seeking to make a difference in their communities. Her goal is to make SFiAM a model of educational reform by preparing all students to be effective communicators in the 21st century.


Each year, the Summit features workshops and presentations on a variety of topics relevant to Hispanic students including:

* Life Skills                           
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body; Self-Esteem; Pregnancy Prevention and More!

* Career Planning
Science and Computers; Engineering; Health Careers; Real Estate; Media Communications; Accounting, Finance, and Banking; Bilingual Skills and More!

* Education Planning  
Graduation Requirements; Study Skills; School Resources; SAT Preparation and More!


The Summit also features an exhibit hall, it attracts over 40 exhibitors each year. Exhibits representing a variety of schools, businesses, and organizations, are displayed to help students become aware of the educational, program and career opportunities available to them and give them resources. Exhibits can include:

Information on Academic Programs & Services; Community Colleges; Universities and Colleges; Educational Institutions; U.S. Armed Forces; Museums; Businesses; After School Programs and More!


“Design Your World: Become a Landscape Architect” – Rodney Swink, & Fernando Magallanes, NCSU College of Design
Students will be introduced to the topic of designed environments and the impact Landscape Architecture is having on where people live, recreate, and work.  For most Hispanics, this has not been a career to consider.  We want to introduce and give guidance to what this opportune career may yield for young Hispanics.

“Goodnight Scholars Student Panel: Majoring in STEM”Alisson Medlin, NC State University
Current STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students at NC State will discuss life as a STEM major and how students can: -Prepare to major in STEM while in high school -Choose a STEM major and career pathway -Succeed in STEM classes – Enhance their college experience through internships, co-op, and research.

Immigration Options in a Shifting Landscape” – Jenny Doyle, ESQ Immigration Counsel
Students will be informed of various legal immigration options available to them, the implications of Executive Orders on immigration, and they will learn about their rights in the context of immigration. Know, Educate and Inform!

“Take Control: Discover the Champion within You!” // “Toma Control, Descubre el Campeon que hay en ti.”  – Nora Herrera-Olivieri, UNC
Nora invites students to discover their abilities and talents, to find mentors and to see challenges as opportunities to grow and be better, every day in everything that is learned.
Motivacional, Invita a los jovenes a descubrir sus habilidades y talentos, a buscar mentores y a ver los retos como oportunidades para crecer y ser mejores, cada dia entodo lo que emprendemos.

“Relationships: The Power of your Story to Create Your Future”- Annie Lee
Students will be able to learn their own talents, abilities, and weaknesses to make opportunities every single day.

“What is Leadership? How Can I Become a Leader? “- Jeff Smith
Smith  introduces students leadership responsibilities and roles, and invites students to determine what it takes to be a leader. Students are encouraged to become a leader in their own unique ways.

“Exploring Careers in Math and Science: Your Future” – Maria Hernandez, The NC School of Science and Mathematics
Students will have the opportunity to do a hands-on activity. NC School of Science and Mathematics students will speak about their experience at the school and their future career interests in the math and science fields.

“Pass the candy: The Importance of Mathematical Modeling in High School Education and Beyond” -Veronica Vazquez
Students will be exposed to the idea of mathematics as a field of study rather than a means to an end and help students understand it’s vital applications to engineering, science, and society.

“Did You Know You Can Get Your Associate’s Degree in High School? What’s Up With That?” – Cynthia Martinez & Diana Sanchez
Will provide students with guidelines on how to take classes for college credit, potentially get an Associate’s Degree while in high school and let them know the advantages for their GPA.

“Park Scholarships Information Session” – Grace Baucom
Students will be provided information on scholarship application and selection process, as well as it’s programming features.

“Sustainable Agriculture as a Career Path for Hispanic Youth” – Dr. Michelle Schroeder – Michelle Moreno & Dr. Angel Cruz, North Carolina State University
Students will increase their understanding of sustainable agriculture.  They will also learn about potential career paths and why more Hispanics are needed in the field.

“Planting the Seed”- Alicia Pretty
Students will be informed on colleges around the area. Experience and success stories of other students and corporate/career development. Students are empowered to achieve more by the information given.

“Building YOUR Brand”- Nicole Muniz
Students will learn how to gain confidence in what they stand for and want to do in the world through setting goals, follow up, balance, and networking.

“You are needed! Where is the Best Fit for your talents/skills? “- Verna Dority 

  • Students will learn the need for Hispanic Bilingual employees, professionals and entrepreneurs now and in the future.
  • Students will learn the value of what each can contribute, no matter their career choice. (Knowledge they don’t know they already have.)
  • Students will be given ALL the information about how to become a LICENSED therapist in the state of NC and showing how to research and make the right educational decisions to be able to easily get high paying therapy jobs.
  • Students should understand that each person has their gifts and using them in their career choice, whether being a plumber or a clinician, is a good thing.
  • Students will be demonstrated how to research the way to get the RIGHT information on their chosen career field, and not being led astray by bad advice (like obtaining a degree that will not get them licensed in their chosen field.)

“Jobs you never knew existed in the High Tech Industry” – Nicole Muniz
Students will learn how to gain confidence in what they stand for and want to do in the world through setting goals, follow up, balance, and networking.

“The Future is in your Hands” -How to advocate for yourself & your family – Iliana Santillan

Students will learn how to organize thier community to bring postive changes in thier counties.

Summit Co-HostsSummit Co-Host


Summit Exhibitors (as of March 3, 2020)

Appalachian State University

Meredith College

Poder NC Action


North Carolina Central University

Sandhills Community College


North Carolina Museum of Art

UNC Asheville, Department of Education

Brasfield & Gorrie


NC Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources Latino Outreach Committee

UNC Charlotte, The William States Lee College of Engineering


Central Carolina Community College

NC Division of Services for the Blind

UNC Wilmington, Centro Hispano

College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC)

NC Division of Air Quality

US Census Bureau

Consulate General of Mexico

NC School of Science and Mathematics


East Carolina University- Office of Undergraduate Admissions

NC State University – College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Wake Technical Community College

Food Lion

NC State University – College of Education

Wells Fargo

Goodnight Scholars Program

NC State – Parks

Women and Minority Engineering Programs and The Engineering Place at NC State College of Engineering

Johnston Community College



Lenoir Community College

NC Society of Hispanic Professionals


SPONSORS (as of March 3, 2020)


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