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NC Hispanic College Fund

The North Carolina Hispanic College Fund

The NCSHP established this charitable fund at Triangle Community Foundation to benefit Hispanic students in North Carolina. We realize that the high cost of college tuition is often a major factor that students evaluate when considering college education. The North Carolina Hispanic College Fund awards annual scholarships worth between $500 and $2,500 to help students who desire to attend college pay for their education.  Scholarships recipients are recent graduates of North Carolina high schools who are of Hispanic/Latino background.  Recipients of a NC Hispanic College Fund scholarship must enroll in a degree program at a community college or a 2 or 4 year college/university and be committed to public service and community development.

CONGRATULATIONS… 2020-2021 NCHCF Scholarship Winners!

This year the Fund distributed $66,750 in scholarship funds! As these 57 scholarship recipients enter college and pursue higher education, we are glad to be a part of making their educational dreams a reality. View the complete list of scholarship winners here! 2020-2021 NCHCF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS



2020-2021 Scholarship Cycle: September 17, 2019 – January 15, 2020

January 15, 2020 – Deadline to apply. Your Application MUST BE POSTMARKED by this date and mailed to our office.

February 2020 – NCHCF Selection Committee meets to determine recipients.

March 9, 2020 – Recipients are notified and award announcements are mailed.

Scholarship Disbursement

Upon receipt of the recipient’s official letter of acceptance and contact information for the school’s financial aid office, all scholarship awards will be sent directly to the college or university where they enroll.  One payment will be made prior to the start of the fall semester directly to the higher education instruction selected by the recipient.  Scholarship funds will be designated for tuition, room, and board only.  If these expenses have already been met, the award will be placed into an account at the educational institution for use by the student as needed.


All applicants and scholarship recipients may re-apply for up to 3 years. To obtain a renewal, the recipient must provide the NC Hispanic College Fund Committee with a renewal application, an official transcript and proof of enrollment for the following academic year prior to the start of the new school year.

"Finding out about the NC Hispanic College Fund not only meant an opportunity for me to receive financial aid, it meant realizing that there was an organization dedicated to helping people like me achieve their goals.  For me, receiving this scholarship signified not only monetary support but also further incentive to remain persistent in my goals." -Daisy Almonte, NCHSF Scholarship Fund

“Finding out about the NC Hispanic College Fund not only meant an opportunity for me to receive financial aid, it meant realizing that there was an organization dedicated to helping people like me achieve their goals.” -Daisy Almonte, NCHCF Scholarship Fund

Additional Scholarships within the NC Hispanic College Fund

***Please note on your application if you are applying for any of the following scholarships.***

Duke Energy Hispanics in Engineering Scholarship

The “Duke Energy Hispanics in Engineering”, established by Duke Energy Foundation, will benefit Hispanic students that plan to enroll at a North Carolina community college or a university and to pursue an education in any field of engineering.  
Applications are available to all students at NC high schools who are of Hispanic/Latino background. 
Students applying to a “Duke Energy Hispanics in Engineering Scholarship” should mark corresponding box in the NC Hispanic College Fund application.

*Recipients of Duke Energy Scholarships will be awarded only to students that officially enroll in an engineering program.  Proof of enrollment and claim of major will be requested.  DO NOT SELECT THIS SCHOLARSHIP IF YOU ARE NOT PLANNING TO ENROLL IN A COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY WITH AN ENGINEERING PROGRAM.  Please be prepared to provide necessary documentation proving that you are pursuing an education in engineering.

Resource: Learn more about Engineering and other STEM careers with TuPortalStem

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“Juntos Program” Scholarship

The “Juntos Program” scholarship is funded by donations to the Juntos Program at NC State University.   The scholarship is for applicants that have participated in the Juntos program within the last 2 years in one or more of the following areas: Juntos 4-H Club and/or Afterschool Program, Family Engagement Workshops, mentoring and or success coaching, Juntos Academy, Juntos college mentor,  and Juntos Academy Team Captain.

NC Hispanic College Fund Sponsors:

Steven Herrera - Copy

Guatemala born Rosvid Steven Herrera is a SAS scholarship recipient. He shares that his approach to life has been to, “push through all obstacles.” Rosvid’s dedication to his studies has paid off and he plans to attend Duke University this fall to study.

Duke Energy

Goodnight Educational Foundation

SAS Institute

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Juntos Program

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If you would like to establish a scholarship within the NC Hispanic College fund at Triangle Community Foundation, please contact Caroline Oliveira, Director at (919) 467-8424.


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