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For Students – Scholarships

Educational Scholarships and Financial Aid

For StudentsImportant terms: This financial aid information is provided to you free of charge by NCSHP. Our goal is to provide valuable tools that will help you find the financial assistance you need to successfully complete college. However, please understand that NCSHP does not promise you will receive any award contained on this page. We have made every effort to ensure our financial aid source database is current at the time of release. We do not guarantee that all available sources of financial aid are contained here. Under no circumstances shall, or any affiliated parties be liable or responsible for any problems that may arise due to defects or errors in this website.

Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarships for Documented Students

Scholarships and Resources not Based on Documentation

  • DREAMers Roadmap – A compilation of scholarships available for undocumented students. Some scholarships are state-specific but many are open to residents of all states.
  • Guide for Undocumented Youth – English Version
  • Guide for Undocumented Youth – Spanish Version
  • Mi Familia –The Mi Familia Scholarship was created on October 13th, 2017 by the 2017-2018 Mi Familia executive board to benefit a high school student in the community to help mitigate the cost of attending a higher institution. The ultimate goal of this scholarship is to inspire the younger generation of students who are pursuing a higher education to become leaders and give to back to the Latinx community by promoting the richness of our culture and advocating for Latinx rights and advancement. For more information and to apply please visit The deadline to apply is April 1st
  • The DREAM Scholarship – For DACA eligible and DACA students
  • Tylenol Scholarship – Students interested in healthcare, no US Citizenship required

Need-Based Financial Aid and Loan Programs

General Scholarships 

1st Art Gallery Scholarship – Win a $1,000 Scholarship
1st Art Gallery wants to enable art students (all art disciplines) to continue their education. Art students need to submit a piece of art that makes them proud. This can be any type of art submission including (but not limited to) a painting, photograph, statue, song, animation, video, film, illustration, story, poem or any other type of art. This scholarship is available to: High school students graduating this calendar year and have been accepted into a college, university, trade school, or design school and students currently enrolled in a college, university, trade school, or design school.

AmeriQuest Transportation Services Scholarship – Win a $1,000 Scholarship
Students who are studying or are planning to study a technology or business derived major, or a related field or trade, are invited to take part in our $1,000 scholarship essay competition. Whether you know it or not, the transportation industry is suffering from a serious shortage of drivers. This problem has forced the industry to begin reevaluating its practices, hoping to attract a new pool of young, qualified drivers. The topic for this year’s scholarship essay competition is, “What can the transportation industry do to attract a new generation of drivers?” For your essay, take this concept and present your ideas as to how the industry can best market these jobs to young adults and millennials.

Groza Learning Center Education Scholarship – Win a $1,000 College Scholarship
The Groza Learning Center Education Scholarship was created to help students interested in higher education reach their goal of attending college or university. This year, applicants will be asked to explain what ‘redemption’ means to them and how it has played a role in their lives and in their interactions with others. A committee will select a winner by the end of November, 2017. One winner will be selected and receive $1000 towards higher education.

How to Start a Blog Scholarship – Win a $2,500 College Scholarship
Blogging is a great way for students to dive deep into a passion of theirs while gaining marketable skills such as professional writing, web development, and more. The scholarship will be awarded on March 31st, 2017. Applications are accepted year-round. This scholarship is open to high-school seniors attending school in America. To apply: Students should follow the free guides available on to create a blog about a passion of theirs and on that blog, post a video explaining how they think blogging will impact the future of the digital age and working in America.

Lawntrepreneur Scholarship –  Win a $1,000 College Scholarship

The Lawntrepreneur Scholarship is LawnStarter’s way of giving back to the up and coming young entrepreneurs. We are looking for someone that’s caught the entrepreneurial bug and needs a little help funding their dream. Whether you started your own lawn care business in high school or have an idea for a revolutionary new app, tell us what makes you passionate about business. This contest is open to all majors as long as they are an incoming or current full-time student enrolled in a 2-year/ 4-year/ or graduate program and are passionate about entrepreneurship. Students can apply by sending a transcript, resume, and a 500-700 word essay answering the following prompt “What makes them passionate about building a business?” to LawnStarter awards two scholarship each year. One per semester.

LeafFilter Gutter Protection Scholarship – Win $500 for Tuition or Books
LeafFilter Gutter Protection is offering their first ever college scholarship. The topics to be explored for this year’s scholarship essay contest are: How do you define success? What traits do you have that will enhance your education or future career? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? All applications must be submitted by July 29th, 2016.

Survey Say Scholarship –  Win a $1,000 College Scholarship
The Survey Say Scholarship is open to any currently enrolled students with a major or minor in Marketing, Business, Economics, IT, Communication, Advertising, Management. Scholarship applications are accepted year-round. The current scholarship deadline is May 31, 2018 (recurring annually) and the scholarship will be awarded: by June 15, 2018 (recurring annually)

ZipRecruiter$3,000 Scholarship, twice a year
ZipRecruiter is offering a $3,000 scholarship to the winning college or university student with the most creative entry in the Winter/Spring 2018 Scholarship Promotion. The Grand Prize Winner each semester will receive the $3,000 scholarship.

Art School

Business School

Law School

Medical School & Other Health-related fields (i.e., Dental, Public Health, Nursing, and Social Work)

STEM & Related Fields

Student Athlete Scholarships

Graduate Level Scholarships

General Scholarship and Grant Resources

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